Monday, April 2, 2012


If there is one thing I wish everyone could experience, it is the joy of having Erin, Erica, Megan and Emma as their younger sisters. We are all so different. It makes for a grand time!

Erin (15), The Hipster Knows all obscure bands, plays guitar, long boards, rocks eyeliner like it's her job, toughest 15 year old I know. Basketball queen, loves anything scary, rubs in that she's 3 inches taller than me whenever she can and swears mom and dad will give her my ever coveted basement room. Sure she's strong and independent and "knows" everything about anything, but she's a sweetheart. And won't ever admit it.

Erica (10), The Informer
If anyone ever loved pink, purple and glitter, Erica is your girl. She somehow always knows when anyone did anything and is sure to let parental units know. She's so good at her job that she will even suggest appropriate punishments according to the severity of the offense. Champion swimmer, princess to the core, clean freak, loves art, popcorn, painting her nails and bike rides with dad.

Megan (7), The Clown
This is the kid who'll refuse to make a normal face for family pictures, tells you she didn't eat the cookies when there's chocolate smeared all over her face, practices evil laughs in front of the mirror, pretends to be a monkey while hanging upside down and chases ducks in the park instead of feeding them bread. A master with the soccer ball and at hide and seek. Don't let her scrawny little legs fool you, she's the fastest little Riggin!

Emma (5), The Cutie Pie
She's the baby and therefore the boss. She's incredibly sneaky when it comes to taking treats when mommy isn't looking, loves spending time in the pool, the playground and the park. She's constantly humming and likes to sit on my back while she "braids" my hair. Anything Barbie and Princess is her favorite toy in the world, she gives amazing hugs and is a huge fan of blanket forts and story time. She knows exactly when to say something nice and will do anything to make her sisters happy when they're sad.

I honestly cannot say how blessed I feel to have these little ones in my life. They have taught me so many things. Especially patience, love and forgiveness. We like to have fun and stick together through everything! Sure we're at different stages of our lives, but one thing is for sure; we truly help each other get through the thick and thin and celebrate each others successes. Like when we play Headbandz and I finally guess mine right and they all clap, or when Megan finds Emma a hiding spot when she's in trouble so mom and dad won't find her, when Erica sends me drawings of things I miss from home, when Erin will rub mom's hands when they hurt, or when Emma snuggles her little head on my shoulder and tells me she loves me. My favorite is when I bake something and leave extra batter in the bowl, put extra spoons in it, and place it in the middle of the kitchen floor. They all come rushing in and sit around the bowl while they lick away. I sure hope they never get salmonella. All in all, my sisters are great! It's ok to be jealous ;)

I can't wait til I get to see them again! We are the Riggin-"Bennett" bunch can only keep us apart for so long :)


  1. you guys are all so gorgeous, seriously.

    also, I think I would be best friends with Megan. haha. or should I say mwahaha.